The winery was founded by Mora Fausto and Capretti Vera in 1955. They were originating from he Marche region and decided to move to Tuscany in order to begin a new venture in wine making. This "passione" was handed over to their son Mora Giuseppe and recently to their grand-nephews Marco and Luca Mora.

This year the company’s name was changed into Tenuta la Vigna di Mora Giuseppe and Sons (S.S Società Agricola). Thanks to hard work and targeted investements, the winery owns at moment 70 Ha land (173 acres), among wich 30 Ha vineyards, 15 Ha olive trees and rest both as wooded and sowing land.

Grapeharvesting takes place from september to october, strictly by hands and all the harvest is handed in our modern cellar where all wine-making operation are done as well as the bottling of wines.

The winery produces 1.700 hl of wine. Among it we have different blends as Chianti Colli senesi, I.G.T. wines as I'Morino, I'Gemello and Soleio, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and table red and white wines, bottled and in bag and box. A particular mention to extra virgin Olive Oil and honey products of the farm.

The winery offers accomodation with rooms for pleasant holidays.