From 1955 until today

The winery was founded by Mora Fausto and Capretti Vera in 1955. They were originating from the Marche region and decided to move to Tuscany in order to begin a new venture in wine making. This ``passione`` was handed over to their son Mora Giuseppe and recently to their grand-nephews Marco and Luca Mora.


Our soil lends itself to welcome different kind of vineyards. In particular on our fields grow the Vernaccia, the Sangiovese, the Cabernet, the Merlot, the Viognier, the Chardonnay, and Vermentino and the Lanaiolo.


Placed in the heart of Val d'Elsa hills, San Gimignano is a medieval village that offers evocative landscapes which are famous all around the world. It's the birth place of the Vernaccia, the first Italian wine to receive the ``D.O.C`` title.


From the destemming until the racking for the white ones and from the destemming until the pressing for the red ones, we take care and control every single production's step.



The main activities of the winery is the production of wine, in which are famous the D.O.C.G ones like Chianti, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and the three Tuscan I.G.T I'Morino, I'Gemello and Soleio which are cultivated on the fertile and luxurious soil of Colli Senesi.



The Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a white wine, produced in a small Tuscan area between Siena, Pisa


The Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a white wine, produced in a small Tuscan area between Siena, Pisa

The DOCG Chianti is without doubt a symbol of Tuscany in the world, it is produced in the area betwe


I’Morino is the estate blend from Tenuta La Vigna, just few bottles (2000/year) for this very plea


Intense ruby ​​red color, fresh scent with notes of red fruit, balanced to the palate, soft with


Straw yellow color with greenish reflections; mild odor, dry, lively, neutral. Excellent when paired

Olive oil is an edible oil extracted from olives, i.e. the fruits of the olive tree (O

main activities


The Tenuta la Vigna offers comfortable Apartments surrounded by greenery with quiet and cute rooms, for an holiday full of carefree and relax, far away from the chaotic daily life.

We offer the possibility to taste the Tenuta’s wines through sensorial tours.